Referee and Coaching Mid Season Plenary Session

After requests for a joint information session between Coaches and Officials,

could all teams please refrain from organising any games on Thursday 9th January 2020.

This is listed as a free week in the calendar.

It is at Rosshall Academy, 19:00 to 21:00.

venue confirmed

If you have any specific rules or interpretations you want clarified, email me at:

johnnie walker

Time to move on

presentation to Stuart Holland

SLBA Presentation to Jim Connor

Presentation to Jim Conner

After accumulating over 40 years of service on the SLBA Executive Committee between them, Jim Connor and Stewart Holland announced at last season’s AGM that it was time to move on.

Both met up with the Exec for one last meeting, yes food and drink was involved and they were presented with mementoes for their service.

Thanks guys, you left the league in a far better condition than you found it.


Preseason Tournament 2019

Following the SLBA Executive Committee meeting last night, we regret to advise that there will be no preseason tournament this year.  This is due to a combination of lack of venue and lack of appropriate resources.  The SLBA Executive will review this for the 2020-2021 season and advise further.

SLBA AGM Season 2018-2019

Please be advised the SLBA AGM will take place on Thursday 20th June, 2019 at Rosshall Academy, Crookston Road, Glasgow at 6.30pm.

Any proposals of changes to the constitution or competition regulations must be received in writing by the League Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM (by close of business on 5th June) and must be proposed and seconded by two SLBA clubs who played in the SLBA leagues in Season 2018-2019.

We would also welcome any nominations for any of the position on the Executive Committee.  These must be received in writing by the League Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM (by close of business on 5th June) and must be proposed and seconded by two SLBA clubs who played in the SLBA leagues in Season 2018-2019.

You will find the league entry form for Season 2019-2020 available for download from the Admin menu on the SLBA website.  To enter a team(s) into the league for next season please complete and return as directed on the form.  The form has been sent to all Clubs who participated in the SLBA Competitions in Season 2018-2019.

Please note that any team that had a game forfeit in Season 2018-2019 must pay an extra Surety Fee of £100 (senior teams) or £50 (youth teams). Please check the result tables on the SLBA website if you are unsure or contact the relevant league coordinator form this season for clarification.

The AGM Agenda will be sent out along with the minutes from last year’s AGM plus any proposed regulation changes at least 7 days before the AGM. At the AGM the current Chairperson will conduct the election of officers and if the current Chairperson is not re-elected then they will stand down and the new Chairperson will take control of the meeting. The quorum needed for decisions at the AGM is seven-member club votes excluding the Executive committee.

All decisions at the AGM must be proposed and seconded and decided by majority vote. The deciding vote in the event of a tie would be with the Chairperson.

Only clubs that have completed the current season and attend the AGM can vote on issues for the coming season. New clubs have no voting powers until after the fixtures meeting in September.

If you have any queries on the above, then please do not hesitate to contact Jim Connor, SLBA League Secretary.

SLBA League Winners Season 2018 – 2019

U14 Boys      Glasgow Rocks

U14 Boys League Top Scorer     LJ Milligan  South Lanarkshire Colliers


Cadet Men League   Glasgow Rens

Cadet Men League Top scorer  Matthew Keegan  Ayr Storm.


Cadette Women League   Glasgow City

Cadette Women League top scorer  Grace Gormley   Glasgow City


Junior Men League Winners  Glasgow City

Junior Men League top scorer Maciej Niziolek Glasgow City


Junior Women League Winners  South Lanarkshire Colliers

Junior Women League top scorer Melissa Graham  Ayr Storm

Senior Men Div4 Winners Glasgow Olympians

Senior Men Div4 top scorer Jordan McCulloch  Glasgow Rocks Academy Bulldogs


Senior Men Div3 Winners  Calderglen Spartans

Senior Men Div3 top scorer  Chris Fabian Calderglen Spartans


Senior Men Div2 Winners Renfrew Rocks 2

Senior Men Div2 top scorer Richard McKenna Chryston Cougars


Senior Men Div1 Winners Renfrew Rocks 1

Senior Men Div1 top scorer Lewis Neil Glasgow Fever 1


Senior Women League Winners  Glasgow Fever 1

Senior Women League top scorer Rachel Simpson Glasgow Fever 1

SLBA Cup Finals 2019

U 14 Boys

Stirling Knights 57 – 84 Glasgow Rocks

MVP Cameron Jackson Glasgow Rocks

Top Scorers

A. Read Stirling Knights 28 points

Cameron Jackson Glasgow Rocks 22 points

Cadet Men

Glasgow Rocks 63 – 95 Glasgow City

MVP Terry Ebose Glasgow City

Top scorers

Terry Ebose Glasgow City 36 points

J. McMullan Glasgow City 34 points


Cadette Women

Glasgow City 76 – 34 Ayr Storm

MVP Grace Gormley Glasgow City

Top Scorers

Grace Gormley Glasgow City 29 points


Junior Men

Glasgow City 61 – 62 Renfrew Rocks

MVP Cameron Gillanders Renfrew Rocks

Top scorers

Dialo Fevriere Renfrew Rocks 20 points

Maciej Niziolek Glasgow City 25 points


Junior Women

South Lanarkshire Colliers 54 – 47 Glasgow Fever

MVP Alison Campbell South Lanarkshire Colliers

Top Scorers

K. Burn South Lanarkshire Colliers 16 points


Executive Cup

Lockerbie Tornadoes 50 – 66 Glasgow Devils

MVP Phil Palmer

Top Scorers

D. Gibson Lockerbie Tornadoes 18 points

Jason Hand Glasgow Devils 12 points


Anderson Cup

Paisley 1 48 – 72 Renfrew Rocks 1

MVP Banto Burroughs Renfrew Rocks 1

Top scorers

Banto Burroughs Renfrew Rocks 1   16 points

Senior Women

Glasgow Fever 1  54 – 44 SPRA

MVP Susanne Burns Glasgow Fever 1

Top Scorers

Susanne Burns Glasgow Fever 1   18 points

Geraldine McInnes SPRA 14 points.

Basketball In The West of Scotland 1940 – 1970

A new book “BASKETBALL in the West of Scotland 1940-1970” has been published by Alex O’hara.

Basketball In The West of Scotland 1940 - 1970 image

It explains how our great sport got started and goes on to give a season by season account of the clubs, players and characters over three decades, utilising extensive archive research to highlight the triumphs, tragedies and scandals which rocked the sport during those golden years of West basketball. As well as a wealth of detail concerning West leagues and cups, every Scottish Cup Final result is tabled together with a comprehensive listing of West District clubs and the names of players honoured at District and National level.

Nevertheless the book is also a lively read with plenty of fascinating anecdotes to satisfy its readers.

As the sole surviving original founding club, Glasgow University has its own chapter.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to Sense Scotland Charity and the author will donate an additional £10 for every book sold.

Copies may be ordered from

Sense Scotland will be launching my book at the Rocks vs Cheshire Phoenix match (Keiron’s penultimate home game) at Emirates Arena on Sunday 14th April at 5pm.

I will be there before the game, accompanied by some Scotland and GB Auld Stars to sell and sign books, and to talk basketball.

You can reserve discounted tickets or find out more on 0300 330 9292 /

SLBA Cup Final Results 2018

Under-14 Boys

Ayr Storm 32 – 80 Stirling Knights MVP Callum McGlasson Stirling Knights Top scorers Callum McGlasson Stirling Knights 27 points A.J. McLeish Stirling Knights 15 points

Cadet Men

Glasgow Rocks 61 – 59 Glasgow City MVP Stuart Barton Glasgow Rocks Top scorers Shaun Thomas Glasgow Rocks 22 points Maciej Niziolek Glasgow City 17 points

Cadette Women

Glasgow City 62 – 46 Glasgow Fever MVP Grace Gormley Glasgow City Top scorers Grace Gormley Glasgow City 27 points Niamh Rana Glasgow City 19 points

Junior Men

Glasgow City 50 – 64 Renfrew Rocks MVP Lewis Harding Renfrew Rocks Top scorers Christopher Brammer Glasgow City 19 points Lewis Harding Renfrew Rocks 16 points

Junior Women

Ayr Storm 50 – 40 South Lanarkshire Colliers MVP Davee Sang Ayr Storm Top scorers A. Middleton Ayr Storm 16 points K. Burn South Lanarkshire Colliers 10 points

Consolation Cup

Calderglen Spartans 45 – 79 North Lanarkshire Titans MVP Chris Ramsay North Lanarkshire Titans Top scorers Chris Fabian Calderglen Spartans 21 points J.

Strathclyde Over 60’s win inaugural Galway Masters Over 60’s Tournament

Strathclyde Masters win the first ever Over-60s Galway Masters. After beating Shannon Dodgers and Galway comfortably in the league games, Strathclyde went on to win the tournament – well done guys.

The Galway Masters Basketball Association was founded in 2011 by a group of players from various clubs throughout Galway City and County. The aim of the association was to host an International Masters tournament in Galway City.

The inaugural Galway Masters started as a one day tournament in 2011 with 12 teams and 22 games. Over a few short years it has become one of the premier Masters Basketball Tournaments in Europe. In this our 8th year, we are hosting 43 teams (men’s 40s, 50s & 60s and women’s 40s & 50s) with games played over the three days of our tournament. This year the tournament hosts teams from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Sweden & USA.

SLBA League Winners Season 2016/17

Division1 Men Glasgow Storm Division1 top scorer Fotis Vlachos Oatlands 18.00 ppg Division2 Men Renfrew Rocks Division2 top scorer David Porter North Lanarkshire Chiefs 20.89 ppg Division3 men SPRA Division3 top scorer Ross Black SPRA 20.00 ppg Division4 men North Lanarkshire Titans Division 4 top scorer Kavanc Altin Dunoon Lions 18.42 ppg Senior women Glasgow Fever 2 Senior Women top scorer Rachel Simpson Glasgow Fever 3 20.42 ppg Junior Men Glasgow City Junior Men top Scorer Alexander Geddes Glasgow City 55.14 ppg Cadet Men St.Mirren Cadet top scorer Shaun Thomas Glasgow Rocks 22.66 ppg Cadette women Ayr Storm Cadette Women top Scorer Emily Nolan Ayr Storm 24.67 ppg U14 men St.Mirren U14 top scorer M.

Jack Bugge Obituary

Jack was a former chairman of the S.L.B.A., and throughout his life contributed greatly to the sport of Basketball, covering the whole of the Strathclyde area. As a quite formidable player well into his 70’s, he was instrumental in developing the Strathclyde Basketball Masters team.  He was a true gentlemen within the sport and was respected by all other players due to his sporting attitude within the game. He developed his player skills as a member of the now famous Smugglers Basketball Club, based in Clydebank, through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  He played as a centre and although his position required strength and power as well as his height advantage, he displayed a skilful soft touch with his devastating short range jump shot.

Taking over as Chairman of the SLBA in its early years, he drove Basketball with a passion and an enthusiasm normally reserved for much younger men.  He continued to support the SLBA after retiring from his post and often attended Strathclyde finals events, presenting trophies and talking up the game of basketball with other visiting dignitaries and basketball friends alike.  He experienced coaching at International level in 1973 when he was appointed head coach to the under 18 men’s team.  He was a great ambassador for the sport and will be sadly missed but never forgotten.