Scoresheet Process

As we approach the start of the new season I would just like to remind all teams of the scoresheet process within the SLBA.

SLBA Playing Regualtions states:

The league copy of the score sheet (White copy) will be sent to your respective League Coordinators (with points per player completed for both teams) by the WINNING team within 10 days of the game being played. Failure to do so will render the Club liable to a fine of £10.00 and the possible loss of two league points.  All cup score sheets should be sent to the cup coordinator(Stuart Holland) as per above but no player points totals are required for cup games.  Alternatively, you can scan the scoresheet and email it to your League Coordinators.  Please do not send photographs of scoresheets taken with mobile phones.  Also, it is the responsibility of the winning team to text or email the result of a game to the results officer immediately after the game finishes. The results officer can be contacted by email at or by mobile phone number 07803584774.

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