Child Wellbeing Training Courses

Glasgow Life have two courses scheduled in April with spaces remaining:

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport – Monday 22nd April

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer – Thursday 25th April

Full information on the courses and opportunity to book can be found on the links above. We are currently undertaking a piece of work around simplifying the process to find training on our website with the best link at the moment here:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information required.

Kind regards

Gillian McGuire

Sports Development Officer

Glasgow Life | Emirates Arena| 1000 London Road | Glasgow | G40 3HG


Glasgow Storm 3 v 3 competition at Easterhouse SC on 16 December 23

Glasgow Storm 3 x 3 Dec 2023 poster 1There’s some festive basketball fun at Easterhouse Sports Centre on Saturday 16 December 2023. Doors open at 10am and be running through to 3:30.

The mixed 3v3 will be on a who’s got next schedule and it’s £5 for 3 games per player. You can change the players in a team as many times as you want so feel free to get some games in with people u might not ever get court time with. There will be prizes for both our free throwing and 3 point shooting contests. Only shots made whilst wearing a Santa hat count. It’s £3 per entry.

We will also be drawing our Christmas raffle on the day as well. This is open to all . And if anyone is worried about a team for 3×3 games don’t be there will be plenty people on the day willing to play. We hope to see you all.

You can find location details here.

50% of tickets for SLBA Members for Gladiators v CSU SIBIU of Romania Wed 8 Nov, 2023

Gladiators next game v CSU SIBIU of Romania on 8th November 2023

The Gladiators have kindly offered a 50% discount on tickets for the above game this Wednesday for SLBA members.

 It’s the FIBA Europe Cup against CSU SIBIU of Romania.   7:30 pm tip (doors open to our new arena in Playsport at 6 pm).

 Caledonia Gladiators v BC CSU Sibiu boxscore – FIBA Europe Cup 2023-24 – 8 November – – More info

 Please use code SLBA50 – this will get 50% off at checkout on the Gladiators FANBASE APP – Fanbase (

 I hope you can take advantage of this offer and support the Gladiators in their journey in the FIBA Europe Cup. 

Senior Women Pre-Season 2023-2024 Tournament

This year’s Senior Women’s pre-season Tournament is due to take place on Sunday 17th September 2023 at Easterhouse Sports Centre, Auchinlea Road, Glasgow G34 9HQ.  Entry is available from 09:00, with first game at 10:00.

Please note:  participating teams will need to assist with Table Officials.

This year we have 8 teams participating:

  • Broncos
  • Devils
  • Glasgow Storm
  • Chiefs
  • Gladiators
  • Fever
  • Fury
  • Ayr

Please note:  Unfortunately, there is no water fountain available, but Morrisons is a 5 min walk, at the rear of the Sports Centre.

Any problems let Johnnie Walker know.

SM3 and 4 Pre-2023-2024 Season Tournament

10 teams entered for the pre-season tournament at the newly acquired and refurbished floor of the Easterhouse Sports Centre.

A good preparation for teams for the season ahead and the day was decided on the second last game of the day between the last  two unbeaten teams.

Irvine Sharks beating Bishopton Broncos 3 in a thrilling 30-28 nailbiter.

Irvine Sharks - winners of the SM3 and 4 pre-season tournament

Irvine Sharks – winners of the SM3 and 4 pre-season tournament

Floor & Table Officials – a reminder of the Regulations

Detailed below are the SLBA Competition Regulations with regards to Floor and Table Officials.

14.  Officials
14.1  All Games must be played with two qualified and National Governing Body registered Floor Officials.
14.2  All Games must be played with two Basketball Scotland qualified Table Officials. If no registration numbers are entered on the scoresheet for the table officials then a fine of £10 will be levied.
14.3  The following match fees shall apply: –

Type Senior Men Senior Women Junior Cadet Under-14
Floor Official £20 £20 £16 £16 £14
Table Official £6 £6 £6 £6 £6

(**Recommended minimum)

14.4  In addition to the above fees, travelling expenses between officials’ homes and venue, and return, will be calculated as follows:

  • 30p per mile travelling by car (subject to change).
  • Second class return rail fare plus public transport to and from station.
  • Bridge toll as appropriate.

14.5  All Officials’ fees and expenses shall be paid by the Home Club at the Pre-game meeting.

14.6  Where an official is away from home for more than 5 hours and no suitable refreshments are provided, he/she is entitled to a subsistence allowance of £5 to be paid by the Home Club.

Help The Game – Referee Recruitment and Engagement

An open letter to all Clubs from Kevin Pringle, CEO, basketballscotland:

As I am sure you are aware, there are a number of challenges arising as we return to basketball following the COVID-enforced break of almost 18-months.  We are really grateful for the proactiveness of clubs in addressing these issues and working to find creative solutions.  We remain available to support clubs – where that support it is required, please reach out to us.

However, I’m writing on this occasion to ask you, if you can, to help us – or more accurately, to help the game.  We need help and support to address one of the biggest challenges we face right now – the lack of referees.

The number of officials had been an issue for some time, but one we were making progress in resolving prior to the pandemic.  Unfortunately, more than a dozen referees have stepped away from officiating for a variety of valid reasons and, with no games happening during the pandemic, there have not been the same opportunities available to develop officials to fill some of these gaps.

While we expected a reduction in officiating numbers, the challenge is deeper than we anticipated and there are a number of factors we didn’t foresee that are having an impact.  We have a number of officials who are going above and beyond to help us get games played and members of the community are playing their part too, but we know this is not sustainable in the long term.

The shortage of referee’s is already having an impact on both local and national competitions and it is a high priority for us to address this quickly.

This is a problem across all levels of the game and we believe the best way to solve this is working together.  Over the coming week we will launch a “Help the Game” campaign, encouraging the wider community to consider officiating in order to help the game.  We are asking clubs for your support in identifying people who are willing to support the game by picking up a whistle.

For our part, we are committed to making it as easy as possible, removing barriers for anyone who is willing to help the game and supporting them in a way that works for them.  We have moved additional staff time into this area so we can move quickly and take a an individualised, personal approach to supporting willing individuals into or to return to refereeing.  We are also prepared to provide the required training and equipment and to do this in a flexible way that works for the individual.

We are committed to linking them to games in an environment where they can learn and supporting referee’s through their early experience (if needed).  We are committed to working with the local leagues to support referees find the right level of game based on their ability and experience and to work to ensure games can go ahead.

We are looking for people who want to help the game – that could be someone who has qualified or refereed previously that is willing to cover a game locally every two weeks, someone who currently plays who would like to give it a shot and help out on games hosted by the club, or a student who wants to make some extra cash in a flexible way by picking up a few games each week. Anyone who is willing to support will be an asset.

At this time, we are not looking for the next international referee (although we are always happy to support people with those ambitions) – we are looking for people who can give their time to make sure games can go ahead.

If you have people within your club who are willing to help, we’d love to know about them – if you are able to let us know who they are, we’ll make contact to discuss it directly with them.

If you think your club can play a bigger role in supporting this part of the game, please let us know and we will work directly with you.

If you have other ideas on improving the officiating situation, we’d also love to hear those.

Kieran Lynch will be the initial contact for anyone willing to help so please contact him directly if you think you can help in any way or if you knoantw someone who can.

I would really appreciate any support you can provide in this area.

Best regards

Kevin Pringle

Chief Executive Officer


SLBA AGM 2020 – 6th July 2021

Please note that the SLBA AGM 2020 will take place on Tuesday 6th July 2021, Via Zoom 7pm

Details of the Zoom call have been notified to all Club contacts.  If you require the details please contact:  Maureen McNeill: (these must not be shared publicly)

The Minutes from our previous AGM (2019) have been distributed and are available for download from here:  SLBA AGM Minutes 20 June 2019

Any proposals of changes to the Constitution or Rules must be in writing to the League Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM and be proposed and seconded by two registered Clubs.

We would also welcome at this time any nominations for any of the positions on the Executive committee.

A full AGM Agenda along with any proposed regulation changes and Executive nominations will be circulated to all members at least seven days prior to the AGM.

At the AGM, the current Chairperson will conduct the election of Officers and if he/she is not re-elected, he/she will then stand down and the new Chairperson will take control of the meeting. The quorum needed for decisions at the AGM is seven member Club votes excluding the Exec.

All decisions at the AGM must be proposed, seconded and decision by a majority-vote. The deciding vote in the event of equality would be with the Chairperson.

  • Only Clubs that have completed the 19/20 (our latest season) and attend the AGM can vote on issues for the coming season. New Clubs have no voting powers until after the Fixture meeting.

Other regulations that clubs should be aware of:

2.10. Any Club wishing to enter a new team or re-enter a team that withdrew during the previous season must lodge a separate surety fee for that team.

2.11. Failure of a current Club to send a representative to the AGM may render the Club liable to a fine of £25.00 and possible withdrawal from the league.

2.12. Non-attendance at the AGM of new Clubs will result in their application being rejected.

2.13. All outstanding fines for the season in question must be paid before the start of the AGM.

Entry forms for entry to the Leagues for the 2021/22 season will follow towards the middle of the month: This is anticipation that the COVID rules will allow the SLBA to run the Leagues this year.

If anyone should have any queries on this please let Maureen know.

Pre Season Tournaments


Clydebank Leisure Centre

Sunday 8th August 2021, 09:00- 18:00 hrs: Men’s Division 1 & Division 2


Sunday 15th August 2021, 09:00-18:00 hrs: Men’s Division 3 & Division 4


SUNDAY 5th September 2021, 09.00 – 18.00 hrs

Glasgow Life sports fund COVID-19

There has been a COVID-19 fund released by Glasgow Life.

The Sports Organisation Support COVID-19 fund delivers funding to those sports clubs and organisations requiring support to help them emerge from short term financial hardship and costs associated with restarting sports activities under social distancing guidelines.

Details of the fund can be found here:

West “Hub”

basketballscotland are looking to establish a number of hubs across the country to bring Clubs from the same region together for discussions.

The purpose of this is to disseminate information over the next few months as we move through the various returns to basketball phases and to encourage local Clubs to work together to overcome short, medium and long term challenges.

John Kerray has been assigned to the West area…

Ayr Storm – Ayrshire Tornadoes – Basketball Paisley – Glasgow City – Glasgow Fever – Glasgow Rens – Glasgow Storm – SL Colliers – Rocks Jr – SLBA.

The idea is that we meet online every 3 weeks and each club and the SLBA nominates one person to join these calls.

Our first Zoom call will be on Monday the 22nd of June at 19:30 for 45 minutes. The main topics of discussion will be…

  1. Return to Basketball – Phase 2 (guidelines will be released on Friday 19th of June)
    1. What does this mean for your club.
    2. Are there any joint up working opportunities.
    3. What support do you need from Basketball Scotland.
  2. AOB. Meeting ID: 974 3412 6993

Password: <Contact John Kerray>

Please let me know if your Club would like to take part and if so who (include email address) will be attending the meetings.

If you have any questions on this, please just ask, and I look forward to speaking with you in the next few weeks.

Contact John Kerray:
M: 07595 278 686 | T: 0131 317 7260