SLBA League Winners Season 2016/17

Division1 Men

Glasgow Storm

Division1 top scorer Fotis Vlachos Oatlands 18.00 ppg

Division2 Men

Renfrew Rocks

Division2 top scorer David Porter North Lanarkshire Chiefs 20.89 ppg

Division3 men


Division3 top scorer Ross Black SPRA 20.00 ppg

Division4 men

North Lanarkshire Titans

Division 4 top scorer Kavanc Altin Dunoon Lions 18.42 ppg

Senior women

Glasgow Fever 2

Senior Women top scorer Rachel Simpson Glasgow Fever 3 20.42 ppg

Junior Men

Glasgow City

Junior Men top Scorer Alexander Geddes Glasgow City 55.14 ppg

Cadet Men


Cadet top scorer Shaun Thomas Glasgow Rocks 22.66 ppg

Cadette women

Ayr Storm

Cadette Women top Scorer Emily Nolan Ayr Storm 24.67 ppg

U14 men


U14 top scorer M. Thomson North Lanarkshire Chiefs 24.20 ppg



SLBA Cup Finals 2017

Senior Men Anderson Cup
Glasgow Storm 111 – 71 Oatlands
top scorers
Nester Lasuncion Glasgow Storm 25 pts
Brian Grassie Oatlands 22 pts
MVP Nester Lasuncion Glasgow Storm


Glasgow Storm captain Andrea Tuni receives the Anderson Cup from SLBA chairman Allan Turner

Glasgow Storm. Anderson Cup winners season 2016/17

Anderson Cup Final MVP Nester Lasuncion receives the MVP trophy from SLBA chairman Allan Turner


Senior women final

Ayr Storm 38 – 71 Glasgow Fever

Top scorers

Rebecca Morrison Ayr Storm 19 pts

Rosanne Barr Glasgow Fever 14 pts

Rachel Simpson Glasgow Fever 14 pts

MVP Julie Duff Glasgow Fever

Glasgow Fever winners of Senior women cup season 2016/17

Ayr Storm

Susanne Burns Glasgow Fever captain receives the senior women Cup from SLBA chairman Allan Turner

Julie Duff Senior women cup MVP receives her trophy from SLBA chairman Allan Turner.


Consolation Cup Final

Renfrew Rocks 78 – 60 North Lanarkshire Titans

top scorers

Dan Quinn NL Titans 18 pts

Ross McKenna NL Titans 18 pts

Derek Shankland Renfrew Rocks 16 pts

MVP Gary Brown Renfrew Rocks

Renfrew Rocks Consolation Cup winners season 2016/17

North Lanarkshire Titans

Renfrew Rocks Captain David Adams receives the Consolation Cup from SLBA chairman Allan Turner

Consolation Cup MVP Gary Brown of Renfrew Rocks receives his trophy from SLBA chairman Allan Turner

Cadet Cup Final

St.Mirren 92 – 21 South Lanarkshire Colliers

top scorers

Craig Miller St.Mirren 14pts

Stuart Berry St.Mirren 14 pts

MVP Stuart Berry St.Mirren

St.Mirren SLBA Cadet cup winners 2016/17

South Lanarkshire Colliers

Cadette Cup Final

South Lanarkshire Colliers 51 – 50 Ayr Storm OT

Top Scorers

Petra Kurcikova Ayr Storm 19 pts

Abbie Middleton Ayr Storm 17 pts

Abigail Paterson SL Colliers 13 pts

MVP Abbie Middleton Ayr Storm

South Lanarkshire Colliers SLBA cadette cup winners 2016/17

Ayr Storm

Cadette cup final MVP Abbie Middleton Ayr Storm

Junior Men Cup Final

Ayr Storm 39 – 118 Glasgow City

top scorers

Alexander Geddes Glasgow City 44 pts

Liam Downing Glasgow City 32 pts

MVP  Liam Downing Glasgow City

Glasgow City SLBA junior Cup winners 2016/17

Ayr Storm


Jack Bugge Obituary

Jack was a former chairman of the S.L.B.A., and throughout his life contributed greatly to the sport of Basketball, covering the whole of the Strathclyde area. As a quite formidable player well into his 70’s, he was instrumental in developing the Strathclyde Basketball Masters team.
He was a true gentlemen within the sport and was respected by all other players due to his sporting attitude within the game.
He developed his player skills as a member of the now famous Smugglers Basketball Club, based in Clydebank, through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He played as a centre and although his position required strength and power as well as his height advantage, he displayed a skilful soft touch with his devastating short range jump shot.

Taking over as Chairman of the SLBA in its early years, he drove Basketball with a passion and an enthusiasm normally reserved for much younger men. He continued to support the SLBA
after retiring from his post and often attended Strathclyde finals events, presenting trophies and
talking up the game of basketball with other visiting dignitaries and basketball friends alike.
He experienced coaching at International level in 1973 when he was appointed head coach to the under 18 men’s team.

He was a great ambassador for the sport and will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

Jack’s funeral is at 2:30pm on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at Clydebank Crematorium

Allan Turner Chairman SLBA

Scoresheet Process

As we approach the start of the new season I would just like to remind all teams of the scoresheet process within the SLBA.
SLBA reg 8.1 states, The league copy of the score sheet (White copy) will be sent to your respective League Coordinators (with points per player completed for
both teams) by the WINNING team within 10 days of the game being played. Failure to do so will render the Club liable to a fine of £10.00 and the possible loss of two league points.
All cup score sheets should be sent to the cup coordinator(Stuart Holland) as per above but no player points totals are required for cup games.
Alternatively, you can scan the scoresheet and email it to your League Coordinators . Please do not send  photographs of scoresheets taken with mobile phones.
Also, it is the responsibility of the winning team to text or email the result of a game to the results officer immediately after the game finishes. The results officer can be contacted by email at or by mobile phone number 07803584774. This enables him to keep the website as up to date as possible.

Team List Reminder Before 1st League or Cup Game

As some league games are starting this week this is a gentle reminder that all team lists with player names and Basketball Scotland registration numbers must be submitted to your league coordinator BEFORE you play your first league or cup game.

If no team list with registration numbers are submitted then the sanctions shown below WILL BE APPLIEDno excuses will be accepted unless accompanied by evidence from the relevant staff member at Basketball Scotland that your registrations were submitted prior to your first game and the internal system at Basketball Scotland was to blame for the delay in getting the registrations confirmed.

So to save the league coordinators doing some complicated calculations whilst adding up the fines please get your team lists to your coordinators asap please.

Any queries then please contact your league coordinator in the first instance.


Jim Connor
SLBA League Secretary

Registrations and Affiliations

3.1. All players, coaches, officials and team followers must be registered with National Governing Body prior to participation in any SLBA Competitions.
3.2. Failure of a Club to register a player with the National Governing Body will cause the Club to be fined £15.00 per player and/or loss of all league points at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Continued abuse of this rule would render the Club liable to ejection from SLBA Competitions and possible refusal for re-entry.
3.3. Any player wishing to transfer Clubs must do so before 31st January.

Player Restrictions

11.1. Each club may enter more than one team in any league, however, such teams will require to be named differently (e.g. Ayr Storm 1 and Ayr Storm 2 are acceptable).
11.2. Players within a club can only play for one team within an age group.
11.3. Senior National League players may only play in Senior Men’s or Women’s Division 1 competition. Any senior player who appears on ANY National League game scoresheet will retain National League status until the end of the current season and as such can only play in the Men’s or Women’s 1st Division in the SLBA.

11.4. Prior to playing the first competitive match of the season (league or cup), each club must submit a copy of their team list(s) to the relevant League Co-ordinator. If a club has more than one team at the same age level then individual team lists must be submitted at the same time.
11.5. If no team list is submitted before a team plays its first official league or cup game then the game shall be forfeit 20 – 0 by the offending team and a fine of £50 will apply. The team will then have 7 days from date of their first game to submit the team list to the relevant League Coordinator. Failure to do so will result in another £50 fine plus suspension from the League & Cup competitions until the fine is paid.

Important Dates for the start of the 2016 / 2017 Season

League fixtures meeting – Thursday 8th September, Rosshall Academy, 6.15pm for 6.30pm.

Season Opening Tournaments – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September at Lagoon, Paisley.

Cup Finals – Youth Finals: New dates to be confirmed

   Senior Finals: Sunday 23rd April 2017

Dates & Times will be confirmed at the fixtures meeting in September.

SLBA Cup Finals Results

Sunday 24/04/2016 Results

Consolation Cup Final

Lockerbie Tornadoes 62 v 63 Renfrew Rocks

Con cup winnersRenfrew Rocks 2016 Consolation Cup winners

Con Cup captainRenfrew Rocks Captain David Adams receives the SLBA Consolation Cup

Con Cup MVP Garry BrownConsolation Cup MVP   Garry Brown    Renfrew Rocks

Top Scorers

Stuart MacKay     Lockerbie Tornadoes     33pts

Garry Brown        Renfrew Rocks      21pts

Senior Women Final

South Lanarkshire Colliers 50 v 40 Glasgow Fever

Senior women cupSouth Lanarkshire Colliers SLBA Senior Women Cup winners 2016

senior women cup captainSouth Lanarkshire Colliers Captain Rhona Mitchell receives the SLBA Senior Women’s Cup

Seniorwomen cup MVPSenior Women Cup MVP      Rhona Mitchell      South Lanarkshire Colliers

Top Scorers

Kirsty Semple     South Lanarkshire Colliers    18ps

Julie Duff    Glasgow Fever   10pts

Senior Men Final

South Lanarkshire Colliers 51 v 86 Glasgow Storm

senior men League & cup winners

senior men cup captain Kyle HaldaneGlasgow Storm Captain Kyle Haldane receives the Jim Anderson Cup from Helen Anderson

senior men cup MVP Ali SalimySenior Men Cup MVP     Ali Salimy      Glasgow Storm

Nester Lasuncion     Glasgow Storm    25pts

Kyle Haldane    Glasgow Storm    14pts

Saturday 16/04/2016 Results

U14 RDL men semi-final 1

Glasgow City 58 v 21 South Lanarkshire Colliers

U14 RDL men semi-final 2

St.Mirren 54 v 38 Glasgow Rocks

Junior Women Cup final

St.Mirren 61 v 97 Ayr Storm

u18team1Ayr Storm Junior Women League & Cup Winners 2015/2016

JW MVP Falon CaseyMVP    Falon Casey      Ayr Storm

Top scorers   K. Simpson St.Mirren  27pts

Megan Jones Ayr Storm 19 pts

Megan U18 scorerJunior Women League top scorer Megan Jones Ayr Storm

Sunday 17/04/2016 Results

Junior Men Final

Renfrew Rocks 54 v 79 Glasgow City

JM Glasgow CityGlasgow City Junior men League and cup winners 2015/2016

JM MVP Alex GeddesMVP  Alexander Geddes  Glasgow City

Top scorers   William Rocks   Glasgow City 32pts

Alexander Geddes Glasgow City 27pts

Cadette Women Final

South Lanarkshire Colliers 35 v 95 Ayr Storm

CW Ayr StormAyr Storm Cadette League & Cup winners 2015/2016

CW MVP Petra KurcikovaMVP      Petra Kurcikova      Ayr Storm

Top scorers Megan Jones Ayr Storm 27pts

Petra Kurcikova  Ayr Storm  16pts


CW TS Megan JonesCadette League top scorer Megan Jones Ayr Storm

Cadet Men Final

Glasgow Rocks 80 v 69 St.Mirren

CM Glasgow RocksGlasgow Rocks Cadet League & Cup winners 2015/2016

CM MVP Louis RobinsonMVP    Louis Robinson     Glasgow Rocks

Top scorers   Louis Robinson  Glasgow Rocks  41pts

A. Harris   St.Mirren  20pts